Ends on December 1, 2018

The Intro Journals Project is a literary competition for the discovery  and publication of the best new works by students currently enrolled in  AWP member programs. Program directors are invited to nominate students'  works, which are selected for publication in participating literary  journals, including Colorado Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Iron  Horse Literary Review, Mid-American Review, Puerto del Sol, Quarterly  West, Tahoma Literary Review, and Tampa Review.



Eligibility Requirements

The project is open to both graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in AWP member programs. Students should contact their program directors to submit their work. Each member program is free to devise its own method for nominating students’ works.   


• Nominations must be uploaded by December 1, 2018.

• Program directors must check the box on the Submittable form to confirm that the student is currently enrolled in the university's graduate or undergraduate creative writing program. 

• Directors must also include the student nominee’s name and permanent address in the Submittable form cover letter field, as well as a current email address. This information is necessary for us to contact and pay winners. No additional cover letter is necessary, as had been requested in previous years. 

• Please upload Word or PDF files titled: “Genre-Title”, as in, “Fiction-A Good Man Is Hard to Find.” Please upload Poetry as separate files, whether they are by the same author or not--each poem will be judged separately.

• Please include the title/s of all works submitted in the Submission Title field on the Submittable form. 

• Translations are acceptable, but it is the translator's responsibility to secure publication rights.

• Nominated works must be unpublished and may not be under consideration elsewhere for the duration of the contest.

• Each program may nominate no more than one work of nonfiction, one work of short fiction, and three poems (poems do not have to be by the same author). Excerpts from novels are acceptable. No submission may exceed twenty-five pages.

• The author’s name should not appear on the manuscript or in the uploaded filename. Please include the title only in the manuscript.

• Prose must be double-spaced. Poetry only may be single-spaced.

• Winners will be contacted in the spring of 2017. Each will receive an award letter, publication in a participating journal (listed above), and a $100 honorarium. 

• A student who has won in any given year is not eligible to enter the contest for the next two years.

      For more information, see: https://www.awpwriter.org/contests/intro_journals_project_overview